Create Your Inner Self ≠ Something (Teaser)

by Eyedrop

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Debut Album from Eyedrop.

Full Tracklist
1. "Conium"
2. "Inadequacy"
3. "Saving Words"
4. "Insanity"
5. "Distinctive Eyes"
6. "Twenty-Three"
7. "Ink"

[Only on CD-Bonus Track] "Ripped Away"


released March 23, 2013

Words and Music by F. Ejdrup
Produced by Per Mygind & F. Ejdrup
Engineered by Per Mygind & F. Ejdrup
Arranged by F. Ejdrup
Album mastered by Per Mygind

Recorded at Station10

Photography by Janne Wentzel
Artwork & Layout by Anette Bjerg, Pernille Bregnhøj, Frederik Ejdrup



all rights reserved


Eyedrop Aarhus, Denmark

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Track Name: Saving Words
Some people don’t even seem to care
It’s like their lives are just so fair
Need to open up my mind
But in the end it’s a waste of time

It’s like putting a pin to the wall
Marking another fault
I should neglect the nearby line
Misunderstood the given life

Yea-yeah, you keep me alive
Opening up for, something inside
Yea-yeah, wondering why
You’ve wasted your time,
... on something like my life

Don’t need more reasons to hang on
Still forever seems so long
I’ll light a candle in the dark
Don’t know other ways to start
Track Name: Distinctive Eyes
You keep on beggin’ for more
You never knew that I
Wasn’t even sure before
And I would keep on trying
You would ask me to go
And no one seems to read
What you were trying to show

Why’d you put me through this again?
You knew that I was
Never gonna be able to win
And there was something more
For me to say in this
And you should have known
That I was longing for peace

It has been so long, oh no
I felt so strong, oh no
And who should’ve known
That it wouldn’t be long
Since you got a hold on
What you thought was wrong

Fearing my own thoughts again
- And how you wanted more
When I’m supposed to mend
Hiding your mind won’t make
This better for me
When we can just
Re-write the pages from the end!

Why’d you trick me into re-wanting you?
And why deluding me to reason with truth?
I was aware of the given chance
Instead you shut me up
And made me doubt on my frame
Track Name: Twenty-Three
His name was written in the sand
A light kept shining for a better man
He was always watching his back
‘Cause he knew what he accomplished

There was a time when you wouldn’t know
About his deeds and where he should go
Where to throw his troubles away
All he needed was a place to stay

Where to go when you’re washed away
When your guilt weighs a ton
Feel free to ask this way
You should borrow my gun

Once he drove outside of town
Just to make things clear to himself
He didn’t knew he was asking for help
Didn’t have anyone to tell

He was aware of what he had done
He’d lost more than a friend
Shouldn’t drink, shouldn’t fire the gun
But this all went down in the end

His name was written
A light kept shinin’